Why have an Incest Site? the answer is simple: Because is a taboo. We are not going to tell you here that incest is healthy or is normal , the truth, if it's to be said, is that incest is not normal, is not healthy, and for some people is sin. That's why Incest is taboo and that's why this site exists, cause the only way for a thing to not become a taboo is not to be hide.

Statistics have shown that incest is a more common phenomenon that it was believed to be, with this new era of information opening, brought to us in big part thanks to the net, some hidden things has began to be shown to the public domain, this is the case of this site.

And if this is why this site exist, there are another powerful reasons for it: For many people incest is their most secret fantasy, and this site is here for satisfy those fantasies, and for the people that actually had ran into incest, this site will show them that they are not alone.

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